Enterprise Logistics

E-Logistics Log In

Triton Freight now gives you the power of E-logistics by allowing you full access to your inventory at the click of a mouse. This remarkable browser based inventory control software will allow you to access specific inventory, print reports and  place orders remotely. Triton provides secure access to your inventory from any web browser regardless of the computer or operating system (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux).

Features and benefits that this innovative software provides are:

  • Direct communication with warehouse, support, or administrative personnel through our unique Message Center.
  • Secure login with password protection
  • Maintains multiple independent inventories with associated user accounts
  • Advanced "search" feature to easily locate a specific record or group of records
  • Maintains extensive user, item and transaction histories
  • Centralized address records (vendors, users, ship-to) with e-mail support
  • Create "Ship To" address records on-the-fly.
  • Associate a digital picture with any inventory item
  • Associate a PDF document (e.g. technical drawing or brochure) with any inventory item.
  • Reports and forms can be quickly exported to Excel or PDF format

These are just a few of the highlights that help to make this feature an invaluable tool for your business.  Allowing you full access to your entire inventory from anywhere in the world. One more reason why Triton Freight & Logistics should be your one and only warehousing option.